Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'm in love with a boy

This boy. He steals my heart every time.
All he could talk about today was valentines. It was so sweet. So anyways, we had a nice lunch with the in laws and then I made what is most likely the most fabulous meal I've ever made...filet mignon with crab bearnaise sauce. That is some goooooood stuff. The hubs was impressed and that's all I wanted. I just wanted him to feel special for being so sweet to me and providing such positive reinforcements during my little slumps lately.

Ok, so here is some scrapage...a mini I made with the January Masters Kit.

Oh and I'll be back tomorrow to post my version of this month's jack. I think it's my absolute favorite to date!

1 comment:

Christina Padilla said...

ooooooh the food sounds good!
and look at your little boy....he has to be the sweetest little thing ever!

happy valentines day!