Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's a chili kinda night

But first, my 365. Cute flats with socks in a clover patch.
I love my clovers around my house. they have little deep red hearts on each leaf. The old wives tale is that when your clovers have these redish black "spots" on them, that means that someone died there. I don't know if I believe that...but they sure are cool looking.

So this afternoon was pretty chill. I spend most of the afternoon playing in the yard with my little guy and racing hot wheels down the slide.
Now for the chili. YUUUMMMMM!
Turkey Chili with salty saltine crackers. Delish on a nice crisp night.
As for the job front...I've had a bunch of interviews and should be hearing something soon. I have two really good prospects that I had great interviews for. I'll keep you posted.

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