Sunday, February 15, 2009

The jack is up!

This is my scrapjack of Melissa Oliveira for 2/15. I adore her mini and had to step mine up a notch to do it justice! LOL! Used an old Dozens kit I had laying around. The cut out and stitched title is also very inspired by CandiMandi. I've been loving her title work these days!I love how it turned out. It's supposed to be a craft inspiration mini. I can't wait to fill it up with inspo! You can see the full mini here.

As for my weekend, slow and steady. That's what it's been. Valentines was lovely. I made filet mignon with crab bearnaise sauce and grilled shrimp. It was pretty fabulous. The hubs seemed pleased. Then today was very chill. Church, check. Groceries, check. Visit grandma, check. Photograph scrap projects, check. See, pretty chill. Now to prep more goodies for my thrifted finds etsy shop.


Breanne Crawford said...

i love that mini, michelle! you totally rocked it!

Christina Padilla said...

mine will be up tonight! promise!