Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Allow me to be dramatic for a moment

Today sucked. Ok, not really. But it was the worse day yet at my new job. My job is primarily to run reports. Lots and lots of reports. All day long. Everyday. Well today everything just got under my skin. It started with daycare being late. Again. But this time it wasn't as bad as it was Monday. Monday I sat outside for 15 minutes in the pouring down rain (knowing that traffic was getting worse by the minute) before somebody showed up. So I get on the road and get going. Actually making good time. Once I get to work and run the "Wednesday" reports I tell my boss I'm done and like an idiot I ask if there is anything else he needs. Well after sitting around for three hours absolutely useless and bored out of my mind he comes to my desk with a spreadsheet with about 100 line items to update from data that resides all over cyberland somewhere. Nice. Did I mention he lays this on me like an hour before it's time to go. He starts rattling all this stuff off and where it's located and I guess he saw the look on my face and asks..."Am I stressing you out?" To that I answered "Yes!" He then tells me "I stress most people out. So you go it?" What am I supposed to say to that?! So I kindly answer "I'll try."

Then traffic was stupid this afternoon. Notice I didn't say it was bad. It was "STUPID". Idiots I tell ya.

And lastly, I pick up my main and get my first piece of mail that refers to me as a "former Dow employee". Nice.

Is it Friday yet?

Oh and the two pictures in this post are yesterday and today's 365s. I've sent the boys mamma's going scrapbook. Laters!


cvargen said...

Oh, Michelle, what a week! What are you thinking about the job? Are you going to tough it out or are you looking for something else? Wish you didn't have such a commute and could find something closer to home. There is nothing worse than being bored on the job, and three hours is much too long to have nothing to do - hope things look up next week, Cathy

Elizabeth said...

Love you tons and I can't wait until tomorrow!