Sunday, March 15, 2009


That's what this experience has been this weekend and leading up to it.
Just wanted to post some quick pics of the altar so you can get a glimps of the product of all our hard work. So much more to share about the St. Joseph's Altar, new Masters kit, new Scrapjack and my first week at my new job. And a whole week of 365s but I'm so tired now and I must get to bed so I can commute tomorrow. Much love my peeps! I'll post again tomorrow with more.


mary h. said...

Oh my goodness! I'm not catholic so please forgive my ignorance, but do you put just a small portion of the massive amount of food upon the alter? Do you have a huge celebration with the rest? If not, what do you do with it? Also, what is in that last picture? (Hope your new job is going well.)

cvargen said...

Can't wait to hear all about your new job! What does it entail? How long is your commute? Hope you're liking it, even though new jobs are ultra stressful. I started working full-time a year ago (first time in my life and I'm almost 59)! What a struggle it's been - but with this "economic downturn" I had to come out of retirement and work full-time....ugh. But I'm hanging in there. Good luck, Michelle! Cathy

Grace said...

This made me cry...that is so beautiful some places still celebrate that way. Reminds me of Italy where I was born. We celebrate by having Sfingi and Zeppole (traditional pastries)and pasta with the bread crumbs... Thank you so much for sharing, I have to show my parents. Hugs Grace