Sunday, March 22, 2009

Full and Satisfied

I don't know if it was the Caine's chicken fingers for lunch then the dinner of boiled crawfish and crabs OR the perfect family day...but I end my Sunday feeling totally satisfied.
We had a very full and family friendly day. Started out at the zoo where Zane played like a wild monkey.
Had a "yummy" cup of ice cream. His words, not mine.
A relaxing train ride and then finally a cat nap.
While Zane naped, we took that opportunity to run some errands around town. I ran in at Best Buy and looked at laptops. Yep, I'm in the market for a new one.
When we got home, we did some way overdue gardening. The hubs really got into it. I love him for that. He always suprises me with his interests and willingness to get involved.
And he did a great job by the way.
Oh and then he treated me to this....*sigh* Crawfish AND crabs.
Oh what a day. What a way to spend a Sunday.


Elizabeth said...

i think the big crab is looking at me...what a fun day! Sorry we missed it!!

Sarah said...

Oh,what a wonderful day! I'm so jealous of your dinner! My mom's family is from LA, and that is my favorite part of visiting - the boiled crab and seafood. Looks so yummy! I found you from Vintage Plum. Your scrap style is great! I'll visit again soon!