Saturday, March 28, 2009

The light at the end of the tunnel

Appropriate picture & title I find. Allow me to explain...As you know, I'm not thrilled with my new employment. Above is a picture of Baton Rouge at dawn. I must admit that I do get a pretty sweet view of the sunrise on Friday mornings when I get to come into work about a half hour earlier than normal. Well back to my title...I just got some pretty good news on the homeward bound job relocation project. I'm still waiting on details but keep your fingers crossed for me! This could be the silver lining I've been looking for in the whole situation.

So here are a few random updates...a great little mini I'm working on...

And out night out last night. Friends, sushi, pool, drinks, and shananagins. *sigh*

and a lot of iphone talk and facebooking. I know...we are nerds.

Here is one of my favorite 365s of the week. I'm too lasy to dig up the others and edit them but I'll share soon.

And finally a snapshot I got of my little guy hiding in the curtains. It would have been a perfect, sweet shot but he had a mouth full of pop tart. Gotta love candid moments.

OH! And I got a new laptop! I'm so flippin' happy about that. SO happy! I decided upon a Hewlett Packard and I think I'm gonna LOVE it!

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cvargen said...

Hope your silver lining came through - wishing you the best! Keep us posted, Cathy