Monday, March 16, 2009

Once upon a time...there was a crazy week...

Lots went on. So I'll tell it in pictures
Monday I went out to lunch with my old work buddies. My last day unemployed.

Tuesday I started my new job. This is my new view.

The commute is not awful but way worse than my 5 minute drive I've been spoiled with for the past 7 years.

I made a scrapbook to give to the Church for the St. Joseph's altar.

It rained. A lot.

We drank rootbeer out of glass bottles.

Saturday we put the finishing touches on the altar for church. This is a fava bean. More on that further down in the post.
We played in the leaves again
Sometimes I feel like I have two kids. And I love them to pieces.

Which leads me to Sunday... enjoying the fruits of my labor (and the labor of countless others)
So some of you had some questions about the St. Joseph's altar. Long story short, it's a big annual feast that Catholic Italians put on to pay homage to St. Joseph for bringing relief from a great famine in Italy long ago. The the prayers of the Italians were answered, they vowed to do a huge feast every year and feed all in the village. Since we have an Italian priest, he has carried that rich tradition on in our church parish. Sunday we had a huge traditional Lenten meatless spaghetti dinner (complete with bread crumbs to symbolize the saw dust of the carpenter, St. Joseph) and served Italian cookies and breads from the altar to everyone who wanted to attend. No one was turned away. As for the fava beans, they are a symbol to remind us of the times when our ancestors had no food and had to eat cattle feed...which for them was fava beans. It is said that a pantry with a fava bean in it will never go bare.

Finally here is the latest scrapjack. I had fun getting messy with paint. Check it out!


Kevin said...

That fava bean looks like a small chair. And on your drive, do you take the old bridge??? I'm trying to picture where you took that... picture.

Elizabeth said...

Ok, in that first photo, it totally looks like that iron is going to impale you at any second and you are just sitting there waiting and smiling.....weirdo...