Monday, March 23, 2009


The most random post ever...
I want this....badly. It's an Ikea light.
Did I mention we don't have an Ikea in Louisiana? Damnit! Wouldn't this look good in a bedroom painted Tiffany Blue with a chocolate bedspread? *sigh*

And here are some scrappies I did for the Masters kit.

Loved this kit. I'm also working on a couple of minis that I will do a little online class on. Any interest?


JessiW said...

Michelle, those are beautiful layouts and Zane is the most adorable little boy!! Oh, I jumped over here from Vintage Plum in case you were trying to figure out how I found you. You do beautiful work girl!!

Beth Perry said...

beautiful projects, girl!
Do you have "followers" of your blog? I didn't see it on your side bar! That's ok, though, I will add you on my side bar so I can be updated when you post.
That light is killer and yes, with blue and chocolate brown...yum!!!
I hope you are having a great week so far! Talk to you soon!

Christina Padilla said...

i heart that lamp. I see it all the time used on the HGTV shows....i think i need one and it would go great with that color combo!!

love the scrappies.
miss yas!