Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend review in pictures

Another wonderful and crazy Spring weekend is over and all I have to show for it is TONS of pictures!

Let me start by sharing the cute little baby essentials wrap I made for Sugarbutt's baby Jackson. She loved it. We got a chance to visit with them on Saturday night. (still sorry we were so late sugar!)
But first, let me back up to Friday... Brought Zane to get a hair cut.

Who knew he would be such a good boy with daddy not there! Then he was off to grandma's house so mommy and daddy could go check out the Journey cover band. Where we hung out with some good friends (hi Rita dearie!) and enjoyed the sights and sounds. Oh and ran into a not so welcomed acquaintance. She avoided me. Go figure. Kate the great by ass. Sorry.
So Saturday we were off to the car show here in town.
I adored this old car with the attention to detail in the trunk and the old plate and all.
Zane may not look amused but he was thrilled to get to see the Hudson Hornet (Doc from the Disney movie "Cars"). He was just tired and exhausted from the heat!
So Sunday we had a crawfish boil and had friends over for David's birthday.
We caught up with some good old friends that we hope to spend more time with this summer and the kids got to play again.

And speaking of kids...the guys looked like kids when then saw this old house they are taring down on in our neighborhood. They had to go take "band" promotional pictures! LOL!
well that's all for tonight. Damn were did today go? Geezzz
OH and I got some scrappy news to share. I'll post more on that in the coming weeks. Can't share just yet!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Today was his birthday...

Wonderful day. Wonderful weekend really. Tons to share about this weekend and the week. I'll share more pics and stories tommorrow. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUBS! Off to bed now. Laters!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mr. & Mrs.

Well today we celebrate 7 years as Mr. & Mrs.
So I felt it appropriate to post this pic of these frames I made with my masters kit for our bedroom. I love how they turned out.

So my weekend was nice. Saturday we chilled out. I made stuff. We visited Sugarbutt and had dinner at her house. So nice.
This is Zane all duded up to see his yaya and James. (his daddy dressed him...can you tell?)
Oh and they matched too. His daddy had a Fox jersey just like this one.
Then, as I mentioned, today was our 7 year wedding anniversary. My hubs did it up right by boiling me some crawfish and crabs (which he doesn't really even eat).
And they were delish.

Zane's fav was the corn on the cob.
And he got to play in his pool with his pal Jaden.

So as I mentioned...a nice weekend. Doesn't get much better than this.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Random thoughts and such...

The above pic is of my watering can next to Zane's watering can that his grandma gave him in his Easter basket. I just thought it was so cute how he wants to water the flowers just like we do and seeing that little can next to the big one just made such a visual impact with me today.

And this post gets even more random...

Things I'm into this week:

Pandora Radio on the iPhone, Lilly Allen, Meiko, Ting Tings, Frou Frou, Lenka

New Hambly (need to order!!!!), I diggin' kits! - Vintage Plum, Masters & Studio Calico, Crape paper

Ann Taylor Loft, American Eagle

Robbin Eggs, Lots more coffee than normal, Tuna wraps from the cafeteria @ work, Homemade Caramel Brownies

Clean Linen Reed Defuser, Funky Mod Ikea Lamp,

Interesting...I took a color profile test and this was the result based on my answers:
Enthusiastic, optimistic & full of energy, capable of pursuing originalideas with vigor. Demands a calm environment, free from conflict anddisagreement. Prefers the natural to the artificial. Sensitive,perceptive, able to work well with others. Friendly yet something of acharacter. Most people are entertained. Ordered, rational and energetic.Needs to break away occasionally. Take a trip. It'll do you good.Apparently the cosmic gods are telling me to get out of town! LOL! I mayhave to take that advice. So you folks who know me in real life, chime inand let me know ifyou think the test was accurate! LOL!

I leave you with some pics of my little guy playing in the yard today with his watering can and bucket.

Well like Porky Pig would say.....That's all folks! Type ya later!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just a few scrappies

Yep, some scrappies to share on this hump day.
This was a page I did for the Twilight challange over at Vintage Plum. I thought it was appropriate since our wedding anniversary is Sunday.

The next couple projects are using the latest Master kit, which by the way I love.
I thought the design of this paper was screaming to be cut like this.
What do you think?
I hope to get more scrappies done later this week. But now...Now I sleep.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Easter Bunny Has Left the Building & apparently Jesus works for the Cable Company

Easter Recap...First off, the Easter tea yesterday
Lots of good coffee talk with friends. I SO enjoyed that!

Tons of help and support by my sweet hubs.

A MUCH needed social break for my weary mother. (who by the way had THE best hat!)
More pics of sweet friends. It's so nice to spend time with other people with kids. They just "get" it, you know.
And the traditional group shot. I was so proud that EVERYONE followed the black and white theme!
The picture above was my father-in-law trying to be cute by giving me a close up...cause he knows how I like close up pictures. He always tells me that I'm too close when I take pictures. It actually came out cute because I was laughing at him.
And of course we had an Easter egg hunt. The kids loved that. It took Zane a moment to get into the idea of getting as many as he could and not stopping and opening them as soon as he gets them!
I adore this shot...I wasn't trying to get a close up of just him. I was trying to get a shot of the three kiddos all looking at the camera (or at least just looking up). Just so happened that he made this cute face.And finally they get to enjoy the fruits (0r candies rather) of their Easter egg hunting labors.

So then this morning we dyed eggs.
It went more smoothly than I thought.
Still took two parents in order to keep him from sticking his hand in the colors, knocking them over or drinking them for that matter.
But I think he really liked the whole process!
More Easter pics here.
And now, this made me laugh so hard I couldn't hardly stand it. Apparently Jesus works for the cable company. For real. I was having some cable issues so I decided to go online and do the chat feature to get some assistance when I saw this as the response. "Analyst Jesus has entered the room" then followed by "My name is Jesus and I am here to help you today". I'm so glad it was a chat and not a phone call...for two reasons: a) I would have laughed uncontrollably in his face and b) I would not have been able to share this screen capture with you as proof. An appropriate experience for Easter Sunday, don'tcha think?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Yes it was a GOOD Friday

And this is how mine ended...

Despite some "issues" with my in-laws getting crawfish, I ended my Good Friday at a crawfish boil. My good friend Corey saw my disappointed twitter post about not getting my crawfish and promptly called to invite us to the crawfish boil he was attending. See, twitter IS a God sent.

Next I share with you pics of my little man...

His daddy got a big load of rocks for the yard and Zane just thought that was the coolest place for him to play. He thought about it carefully and took his job of rock moving very seriously.

And just to prove that I have been creating...

This is a card I made with the latest Masters Kit...Licorice and Jelly Beans. I adore this kit. Seriously.

Oh and remember that fabulous IKEA light I wanted? Well my girl Shelly out in Houston saw my post about it and offered to get it for me since she was coming to Louisiana for the Easter holiday! I met up with them today and actually got her to get me two of them. They are wonderful! Just know that when IKEA says assembly required...they AINT kidding! I'll post pics of that process later. Thanks again Shelly!

Ok, well I have to scoot on to bed. BIG day my 6th annual Easter tea. Plenty of pics to come I'm sure!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Blog slacker

Bad blogger, I know. But since i started this job, i haven't found that "grove" yet. Not to mention I don't have Internet at work....I'm blogging from my phone right now (so pics). But this has been a busy week and it is only going to get busier with the holiday weekend. I'm a little annoyed that I won't get paid Friday but that's a minor thing really. Speaking of the holiday weekend, wow I'm going to be busy! Tomorrow we are going to my inlaws camp on the river for a crawfish boil, Saturday is our 6th annual Easter tea at our house (complete with crazy hats), then Sunday is church and a family barbeque with my dad's peeps. See, crazy busy!

As for creativity, I got my masters kit ( earlier this week and haven't really gotten to play yet so I hope to work a little on that this weekend at some point. I also have the next scrapjacked challange to do (and it is SO cool .... Like painty cool!), and I also posted a twilight challange over at vintage plum ( so I need to wrap that project up too!

*sigh*. Is it the weekend yet?!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Coming to terms

With my new job that is. I had mostly bad days this week...but somehow, today I'm ok with things. I think I could be happy at my new job...eventually. I still wish I could be closer to home and have not given up hope on those possibilities but for now, I'm ok and I'm just rolling with it.

So the above picture was taken while the hubs did some mowing...Zane was so cute, he went out got HIS lawn mower and "helped".

And speaking of yard work, David has been taking a big interest in home improvements and curb appeal. Here he is watering the areas where he has put some seed down to help the grass patches in the yard. I just saw him watering and thought to myself that I wanted to capture that. The softer side of a strong man.
And THIS little man stopped in the middle of playing to give me this pose. I couldn't pass up that photo op.

As for new additions, well, this little guy is our new addition to our spruced up flower bed. I simply love him!
Remember how I said how bad of a week I had, well my starshine Elizabeth made my day by meeting me in my parking lot at work with this! Yes, it's the GOONIES! I adore this movie and I had mentioned it to her a while when she saw it, she got it for me and saved it for a crappy day like the one I had that day. She loves me.
Now scrappies! This is a suprise for a friend...

And this (as well as the picture above) was made with the February Masters Kit.

Well all for now. Later my loves!

Oh and thanks so much for all your sweet emails and comments. Things ARE getting better. I think. LOL!