Thursday, April 09, 2009

Blog slacker

Bad blogger, I know. But since i started this job, i haven't found that "grove" yet. Not to mention I don't have Internet at work....I'm blogging from my phone right now (so pics). But this has been a busy week and it is only going to get busier with the holiday weekend. I'm a little annoyed that I won't get paid Friday but that's a minor thing really. Speaking of the holiday weekend, wow I'm going to be busy! Tomorrow we are going to my inlaws camp on the river for a crawfish boil, Saturday is our 6th annual Easter tea at our house (complete with crazy hats), then Sunday is church and a family barbeque with my dad's peeps. See, crazy busy!

As for creativity, I got my masters kit ( earlier this week and haven't really gotten to play yet so I hope to work a little on that this weekend at some point. I also have the next scrapjacked challange to do (and it is SO cool .... Like painty cool!), and I also posted a twilight challange over at vintage plum ( so I need to wrap that project up too!

*sigh*. Is it the weekend yet?!

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