Thursday, April 02, 2009

Coming to terms

With my new job that is. I had mostly bad days this week...but somehow, today I'm ok with things. I think I could be happy at my new job...eventually. I still wish I could be closer to home and have not given up hope on those possibilities but for now, I'm ok and I'm just rolling with it.

So the above picture was taken while the hubs did some mowing...Zane was so cute, he went out got HIS lawn mower and "helped".

And speaking of yard work, David has been taking a big interest in home improvements and curb appeal. Here he is watering the areas where he has put some seed down to help the grass patches in the yard. I just saw him watering and thought to myself that I wanted to capture that. The softer side of a strong man.
And THIS little man stopped in the middle of playing to give me this pose. I couldn't pass up that photo op.

As for new additions, well, this little guy is our new addition to our spruced up flower bed. I simply love him!
Remember how I said how bad of a week I had, well my starshine Elizabeth made my day by meeting me in my parking lot at work with this! Yes, it's the GOONIES! I adore this movie and I had mentioned it to her a while when she saw it, she got it for me and saved it for a crappy day like the one I had that day. She loves me.
Now scrappies! This is a suprise for a friend...

And this (as well as the picture above) was made with the February Masters Kit.

Well all for now. Later my loves!

Oh and thanks so much for all your sweet emails and comments. Things ARE getting better. I think. LOL!

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Beth Perry said...

Hey there, girl! Beautiful projects! And the little gnomie is sooo cute!
It will get better. I know those times when you feel so 'out there' a whole bunch is changing at once and nothing is stable. I don't know if that is the feeling you are referring to, but if it is WILL get better.