Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Easter Bunny Has Left the Building & apparently Jesus works for the Cable Company

Easter Recap...First off, the Easter tea yesterday
Lots of good coffee talk with friends. I SO enjoyed that!

Tons of help and support by my sweet hubs.

A MUCH needed social break for my weary mother. (who by the way had THE best hat!)
More pics of sweet friends. It's so nice to spend time with other people with kids. They just "get" it, you know.
And the traditional group shot. I was so proud that EVERYONE followed the black and white theme!
The picture above was my father-in-law trying to be cute by giving me a close up...cause he knows how I like close up pictures. He always tells me that I'm too close when I take pictures. It actually came out cute because I was laughing at him.
And of course we had an Easter egg hunt. The kids loved that. It took Zane a moment to get into the idea of getting as many as he could and not stopping and opening them as soon as he gets them!
I adore this shot...I wasn't trying to get a close up of just him. I was trying to get a shot of the three kiddos all looking at the camera (or at least just looking up). Just so happened that he made this cute face.And finally they get to enjoy the fruits (0r candies rather) of their Easter egg hunting labors.

So then this morning we dyed eggs.
It went more smoothly than I thought.
Still took two parents in order to keep him from sticking his hand in the colors, knocking them over or drinking them for that matter.
But I think he really liked the whole process!
More Easter pics here.
And now, this made me laugh so hard I couldn't hardly stand it. Apparently Jesus works for the cable company. For real. I was having some cable issues so I decided to go online and do the chat feature to get some assistance when I saw this as the response. "Analyst Jesus has entered the room" then followed by "My name is Jesus and I am here to help you today". I'm so glad it was a chat and not a phone call...for two reasons: a) I would have laughed uncontrollably in his face and b) I would not have been able to share this screen capture with you as proof. An appropriate experience for Easter Sunday, don'tcha think?


Lady Kivrin deRocinante said...

Not to rain on your Easter parade, but his name is prolly pronounced "Hay-Zeus."

random moments said...

Love the photos! Even with the black and white themed, they are all so colorful!!

Christina Padilla said...

great photos M! Happy Easter! your black /white theme and truth be told, I've always wanted to wear a hat like that! :)

Did the cable God say his name like "heysuz"? that's what im thinking! but funny still the same!


Beth Perry said...

Was that a sign?!! lol
And awesome pics! I love all the hats and the black and white clothing. Everyone looks so beautiful! Those are going to make wonderful pages! hehehe

JessiW said...

Michelle, those pics are wonderful! The hats are great. And Jesus on the cable chat is great....too funny! Glad you had a great Easter!

Meg said...

looke like you had a wonderful weekend... love all of the beautiful photos!! :) love the hats!

Ashley Beth said...

Amen to that, sister!

By the say, I'm sure it was Hey-Suz