Thursday, April 16, 2009


Random thoughts and such...

The above pic is of my watering can next to Zane's watering can that his grandma gave him in his Easter basket. I just thought it was so cute how he wants to water the flowers just like we do and seeing that little can next to the big one just made such a visual impact with me today.

And this post gets even more random...

Things I'm into this week:

Pandora Radio on the iPhone, Lilly Allen, Meiko, Ting Tings, Frou Frou, Lenka

New Hambly (need to order!!!!), I diggin' kits! - Vintage Plum, Masters & Studio Calico, Crape paper

Ann Taylor Loft, American Eagle

Robbin Eggs, Lots more coffee than normal, Tuna wraps from the cafeteria @ work, Homemade Caramel Brownies

Clean Linen Reed Defuser, Funky Mod Ikea Lamp,

Interesting...I took a color profile test and this was the result based on my answers:
Enthusiastic, optimistic & full of energy, capable of pursuing originalideas with vigor. Demands a calm environment, free from conflict anddisagreement. Prefers the natural to the artificial. Sensitive,perceptive, able to work well with others. Friendly yet something of acharacter. Most people are entertained. Ordered, rational and energetic.Needs to break away occasionally. Take a trip. It'll do you good.Apparently the cosmic gods are telling me to get out of town! LOL! I mayhave to take that advice. So you folks who know me in real life, chime inand let me know ifyou think the test was accurate! LOL!

I leave you with some pics of my little guy playing in the yard today with his watering can and bucket.

Well like Porky Pig would say.....That's all folks! Type ya later!


Okispice said...

ah, I miss when my kids were little and had little brooms and things. Love the perspective you take your pictures from. Hey, i just took a color profile quiz and did a LO from it. It's on if you want to see it, here is the link:

Beth Perry said...

Awwww...such cute pics! I like the little/big watering cans too! ;P
Hope you are having a great weekend!

Anonymous said...