Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend review in pictures

Another wonderful and crazy Spring weekend is over and all I have to show for it is TONS of pictures!

Let me start by sharing the cute little baby essentials wrap I made for Sugarbutt's baby Jackson. She loved it. We got a chance to visit with them on Saturday night. (still sorry we were so late sugar!)
But first, let me back up to Friday... Brought Zane to get a hair cut.

Who knew he would be such a good boy with daddy not there! Then he was off to grandma's house so mommy and daddy could go check out the Journey cover band. Where we hung out with some good friends (hi Rita dearie!) and enjoyed the sights and sounds. Oh and ran into a not so welcomed acquaintance. She avoided me. Go figure. Kate the great by ass. Sorry.
So Saturday we were off to the car show here in town.
I adored this old car with the attention to detail in the trunk and the old plate and all.
Zane may not look amused but he was thrilled to get to see the Hudson Hornet (Doc from the Disney movie "Cars"). He was just tired and exhausted from the heat!
So Sunday we had a crawfish boil and had friends over for David's birthday.
We caught up with some good old friends that we hope to spend more time with this summer and the kids got to play again.

And speaking of kids...the guys looked like kids when then saw this old house they are taring down on in our neighborhood. They had to go take "band" promotional pictures! LOL!
well that's all for tonight. Damn were did today go? Geezzz
OH and I got some scrappy news to share. I'll post more on that in the coming weeks. Can't share just yet!

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Beth Perry said...

Do I happen to know the scrappy news?? heeeee
And awesome pics! looks like a fun weekend!