Friday, April 10, 2009

Yes it was a GOOD Friday

And this is how mine ended...

Despite some "issues" with my in-laws getting crawfish, I ended my Good Friday at a crawfish boil. My good friend Corey saw my disappointed twitter post about not getting my crawfish and promptly called to invite us to the crawfish boil he was attending. See, twitter IS a God sent.

Next I share with you pics of my little man...

His daddy got a big load of rocks for the yard and Zane just thought that was the coolest place for him to play. He thought about it carefully and took his job of rock moving very seriously.

And just to prove that I have been creating...

This is a card I made with the latest Masters Kit...Licorice and Jelly Beans. I adore this kit. Seriously.

Oh and remember that fabulous IKEA light I wanted? Well my girl Shelly out in Houston saw my post about it and offered to get it for me since she was coming to Louisiana for the Easter holiday! I met up with them today and actually got her to get me two of them. They are wonderful! Just know that when IKEA says assembly required...they AINT kidding! I'll post pics of that process later. Thanks again Shelly!

Ok, well I have to scoot on to bed. BIG day my 6th annual Easter tea. Plenty of pics to come I'm sure!

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Beth Perry said...

Aww...I love all the butterflies! And yum..crawfish!!
Happy Easter!