Sunday, May 31, 2009

Play by Play brought to you by iPhone

We went to the Beach! Here is the play by play...

The day before our trip we were flying a kite. Should have been packing...but we were flying a kite! LOL! Oh and I posted this pic on facebook and got a ton of comments about the power lines. I ASSURE you, they look A LOT closer than they are. It's just the angle of the picture. Promise.

So anywho, we went to the beach this weekend for the first time since before we had Zane. So this was his FIRST beach trip! Here is the recap according to my iPhone.

On the road....
And driving through the tunnel in AL...
I think this will be one of Zane's favorite parts of driving to Alabama in the future.

Once there...
Basking in the Alabama sun. *don't worry, I had on sun screen!...note the big hat and sunglasses too*
It took Zane a day or so to warm up to the idea of the sand...or rather the texture of it. But by day two he was diving in it face first!
Zane adored his little beach buddy, Jaden. Glad they came along with us!
What can I say, I needed a new Facebook profile picture?
Like mother like son.

And now for the Gulf Shores edition of "SERIOUSLY?!"
This was taken a one of the nicer gift shops.

This was a Wal-Mart...apparently Alabama is bringing back 1991.

This was parked outside of the above mentioned "nicer gift shop"

Another picture in mentioned shop. It really was a classy joint.

This was a cute little bead shop that I stopped in and made a little donation! LOL
Well that's all for now. I'll most some real pictures that I took with my camera after I do some downloading and editing. Later gators!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Painted. Ate. Drank. Enjoyed.

Had a great, lazy weekend. Painted. Ate. Drank. Enjoyed.
I put the finishing touches on the above painting today. Earlier today we went out to the river and ate boiled crabs and just hung out on the deck.
Yesterday we attempted a trip to the river but some jeep issues made us turn around and head home. Later that afternoon we went to a friend's (old co worker's) house for a crawfish boil. Since I gave myself permission to not lug around my camera, there are no pics. Sorry.
I know I'm jumping around a bit but sometimes I'm just random like that. Saturday we needed a bit of an adult break so we joined some friends to see a rockin' cover band called "Rumor Mill". The band was good but the company was better.
I was feeling pretty feisty...I even had on my sexy shoes! LOL!
Friday Zane helped Daddy wash his jeep after he had a bit of a mud riding excursion. Then we met some friends out for sushi and to discuss our upcoming beach trip! Woot!

Oh and we ate pop sickles! Is there anything that an orange pop sickle can't fix when you are 2 years old?!

Well that's all in my world. Laters!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Closing another week...

Lovely weekend. Nothing crazy or anything...just life.
Had some awesome jumbo shrimp. My hubs loves me...he boiled me 35 pounds of them!

We also went out for sushi, drinks and music with some friends...

Earlier this week, my projects for Vintage Plum were posted...

These cuties were featured on the Hambly blog.

Gave a little tutorial on the Vintage Plum blog for this cute little mini made with the VP May kit and an old board game.
Made this page for the Effer Dares on Commutes...
More VP guest designer pages...

I also had a ball with the "Blue Crush" Masters kit and made these beauties...

The one below was my take on the Scrapjacked challange where we jacked the Flyleaf Album cover! SO RAD!
And finally, a little banner i did for Zane's room with my Masters kit.
Good Lord that was a long post! LOL!
I really do need to post more often!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Today we celebrate our mothers

Yes today we celebrated our mothers
The ones who brought us into the world and made us who we are. The ones we can not even begin to thank for all they have done for us. Mine is amazing. I spend the better part of the day with my mother. I admire her strength, her drive, her hope, her love, her kindness. I strive to be half the woman that she is to so many in her life.

And today I also reflect on the mother in me. The woman I have become. The woman I hope to be.

I am reminded that these moments that seem so routine and uneventful will soon become a vague memory. Things that we do everyday will be seem like light years away. As I watched my son splash around in the bath tub tonight I realized that in 10 years this will be ancient history...hell in 5 years I'll close my eyes and try to recall this very moment. This time is so fleeting. These moments are so treasured. Will I remember them? Will I look back on them fondly? All these things that take place day to day that we take for granted...will we long to have them back? I know we will. It almost makes me sad. I look at my spirited little boy and see the man he will become and it makes my nose tingle and my eyes watery. So today, I'm holding on to this little boy with everything I have. Stay little my angel. Stay my little boy!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

What a blur of a week!

Interruptions from routine throw me for such a loop! This week we had a number of them.
We went to New Orleans Monday to see Flyleaf at the House of Blues.

The show was amazing. Lacey has such an incredible voice and unlike most live bands, she is better in person! We also got a chance to hang out with our friend Matt and kinda mill around the streets of the French Quarter which I adore!
I left my camera since I didn't think we could take it in the House of Blues but was very disappointed when I saw everyone taking pictures! So all the pictures you see in this post are from my good 'ol iPhone. I fall more and more in love with that thing every day.

Oh and we played dress up in a few of the french quarter shops...which is always fun!
We are already planning our next trip back to see another live band in the next few weeks...maybe this time we will make an overnighter!
As we walked around, we took a stroll in the Mignon Faget shop and I got to try on a few pieces I've had my eye on. The hubs gave me his blessing to make a purchase but I didn't want to frolic around the french quarter with brand new jewelry! LOL!
There were a number of other weekly interruptions, like a trip to look at a Jeep, a half day of work so I could go for an interview and then another trip to purchase above mentioned Jeep. Yeah Lindsey, you heard me right, we have traded in and purchased ANOTHER vehicle. It's sort of my hubs thing...buying, selling, trading and customizing cars.
Well that's about it. The May Vintage Plum kit releases tomorrow and it's amazing. I'll be posting my guest design pages and projects here in the next couple of days. I have also made a number of things with my Masters kit and I'll be sharing those soon too. So much scrappy inspiration! AND I got a fresh order of Hambly to play with! Woot!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Super Excited!

Yes, I'm super excited to be going here...

To see them...
Hells yeah. Not much else to say tonight. I made a few of my projects for my guest design team spot over at Vintage Plum and I am in love with them already! Can't wait to share. Perhaps I'll do some peeks later this week.

OH, almost forgot...the NSD giveaway....
And the Picnik subscription goes to Michelle! Shoot me an email so I can send you your code to redeem your subscription! I know you will love it tons!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Happy NSB Day! Scrap News & Projects!

First for my scrappy news...The folks over at Vintage Plum asked me to be the guest designer for May! I'm thrilled to work with this amazing kit (you will have to wait till it's released to see the pics). I'll post some peeks later so you can see a tiny bit!

Now for some scrappies! This is a few things I did with last month's Vintage Plum kit.

*you can't see it very well in this picture but these are sewn on the sewing machine and they look like they are quilt blocks. Super cute way to use this awesome Sassafrass paper!*

And for my first assignment as the guest designer over at Vintage Plum, I got to host a challange at the online crop today. My challange was a 3D altered item. There is still time to play if you are feeling frisky! LOL!

I also got word that my Masters kit is on it's way to me I'm gonna have a kick butt scrap week! SWEET!
Oh and if you haven't commented on my post below, you have until tommorrow night to post for a chance to win that Picnik subscription!