Monday, May 25, 2009

Painted. Ate. Drank. Enjoyed.

Had a great, lazy weekend. Painted. Ate. Drank. Enjoyed.
I put the finishing touches on the above painting today. Earlier today we went out to the river and ate boiled crabs and just hung out on the deck.
Yesterday we attempted a trip to the river but some jeep issues made us turn around and head home. Later that afternoon we went to a friend's (old co worker's) house for a crawfish boil. Since I gave myself permission to not lug around my camera, there are no pics. Sorry.
I know I'm jumping around a bit but sometimes I'm just random like that. Saturday we needed a bit of an adult break so we joined some friends to see a rockin' cover band called "Rumor Mill". The band was good but the company was better.
I was feeling pretty feisty...I even had on my sexy shoes! LOL!
Friday Zane helped Daddy wash his jeep after he had a bit of a mud riding excursion. Then we met some friends out for sushi and to discuss our upcoming beach trip! Woot!

Oh and we ate pop sickles! Is there anything that an orange pop sickle can't fix when you are 2 years old?!

Well that's all in my world. Laters!


Beth Perry said...

I loooove that painting! so cute and cool! and I can't see your shoes that well...but, i bet they are sexy! lol
guess what?!! I took on your scrapjack challenge. I just loved that album cover, so I created a lil sumpin sumpin...hehee
I will take pics tonight and post it.
Thanks for always inspiring, girl!
And you are doing an amazing job over at VP!!! :P

Kristi said...

Lovin the painting, super cute!