Sunday, May 31, 2009

Play by Play brought to you by iPhone

We went to the Beach! Here is the play by play...

The day before our trip we were flying a kite. Should have been packing...but we were flying a kite! LOL! Oh and I posted this pic on facebook and got a ton of comments about the power lines. I ASSURE you, they look A LOT closer than they are. It's just the angle of the picture. Promise.

So anywho, we went to the beach this weekend for the first time since before we had Zane. So this was his FIRST beach trip! Here is the recap according to my iPhone.

On the road....
And driving through the tunnel in AL...
I think this will be one of Zane's favorite parts of driving to Alabama in the future.

Once there...
Basking in the Alabama sun. *don't worry, I had on sun screen!...note the big hat and sunglasses too*
It took Zane a day or so to warm up to the idea of the sand...or rather the texture of it. But by day two he was diving in it face first!
Zane adored his little beach buddy, Jaden. Glad they came along with us!
What can I say, I needed a new Facebook profile picture?
Like mother like son.

And now for the Gulf Shores edition of "SERIOUSLY?!"
This was taken a one of the nicer gift shops.

This was a Wal-Mart...apparently Alabama is bringing back 1991.

This was parked outside of the above mentioned "nicer gift shop"

Another picture in mentioned shop. It really was a classy joint.

This was a cute little bead shop that I stopped in and made a little donation! LOL
Well that's all for now. I'll most some real pictures that I took with my camera after I do some downloading and editing. Later gators!


random moments said...

Awesome photo post Michelli! We're still digging for a hotel there. We're doing a short weekend trip. You must tell me where this busty mannequin resides so we can visit her, lol!

Elizabeth said...

Looks like a great time! I'd love for us to plan a little family get away for a weekend sometime this summer! Just put up a big pool in the back and the in laws gave us a kick ass grill....maybe a BBQ in our near future???

Beth Perry said...


Euphoria said...

Exclamation perfume!?! OH MY GOODNESS- Flashback!!!!

Kelli said...

no way! excla-fricken-mation! Are you fo real? wow!