Sunday, May 10, 2009

Today we celebrate our mothers

Yes today we celebrated our mothers
The ones who brought us into the world and made us who we are. The ones we can not even begin to thank for all they have done for us. Mine is amazing. I spend the better part of the day with my mother. I admire her strength, her drive, her hope, her love, her kindness. I strive to be half the woman that she is to so many in her life.

And today I also reflect on the mother in me. The woman I have become. The woman I hope to be.

I am reminded that these moments that seem so routine and uneventful will soon become a vague memory. Things that we do everyday will be seem like light years away. As I watched my son splash around in the bath tub tonight I realized that in 10 years this will be ancient history...hell in 5 years I'll close my eyes and try to recall this very moment. This time is so fleeting. These moments are so treasured. Will I remember them? Will I look back on them fondly? All these things that take place day to day that we take for granted...will we long to have them back? I know we will. It almost makes me sad. I look at my spirited little boy and see the man he will become and it makes my nose tingle and my eyes watery. So today, I'm holding on to this little boy with everything I have. Stay little my angel. Stay my little boy!

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Breanne Crawford said...

what a beautiful post, michele! happy belated mothers day!