Saturday, May 09, 2009

What a blur of a week!

Interruptions from routine throw me for such a loop! This week we had a number of them.
We went to New Orleans Monday to see Flyleaf at the House of Blues.

The show was amazing. Lacey has such an incredible voice and unlike most live bands, she is better in person! We also got a chance to hang out with our friend Matt and kinda mill around the streets of the French Quarter which I adore!
I left my camera since I didn't think we could take it in the House of Blues but was very disappointed when I saw everyone taking pictures! So all the pictures you see in this post are from my good 'ol iPhone. I fall more and more in love with that thing every day.

Oh and we played dress up in a few of the french quarter shops...which is always fun!
We are already planning our next trip back to see another live band in the next few weeks...maybe this time we will make an overnighter!
As we walked around, we took a stroll in the Mignon Faget shop and I got to try on a few pieces I've had my eye on. The hubs gave me his blessing to make a purchase but I didn't want to frolic around the french quarter with brand new jewelry! LOL!
There were a number of other weekly interruptions, like a trip to look at a Jeep, a half day of work so I could go for an interview and then another trip to purchase above mentioned Jeep. Yeah Lindsey, you heard me right, we have traded in and purchased ANOTHER vehicle. It's sort of my hubs thing...buying, selling, trading and customizing cars.
Well that's about it. The May Vintage Plum kit releases tomorrow and it's amazing. I'll be posting my guest design pages and projects here in the next couple of days. I have also made a number of things with my Masters kit and I'll be sharing those soon too. So much scrappy inspiration! AND I got a fresh order of Hambly to play with! Woot!


Beth Perry said...

Yow, busy busy week babe! Fun pics, though! Can't wait to see your other projects! ;D

Kristi said...

I {heart} flyleaf, and she is great IRL too! :) Jealous that you got to roam French Quarter....some day I'll get to New Orleans!