Monday, June 08, 2009

I've been scrappy

Not today...too much else going on but over the weekend I scrapped.
These were all done with my "Family Day Picnic" Masters kit. I love that kit so much!
I got a little glimmer mist crazy on some of these (thanks in part to my CandiMandi)! So if you are a scrap nerd like me and want to see detailed pictures and discriptions, you can hope on over to the Masters blog for more.

I have more in my brian that I want to get out but I'm just not scrappy right now. Maybe tomorrow. I'm just gonna be sad for a little while right now.


Mandi said...

Yeah dude! :D I love the last one the best. I just got a bunch more mists over the weekend... so needless to say, you will be seeing much more of them from me! ;)

and OMG, the verification is: "mandic" DUDE. weird.

Beth Perry said...

you did awesome on the glimmer pretty! loving the layouts, babe!!
Hope you get to feeling less sad as the days go by.
Big hugs to you, my friend!