Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nothin', what's up with you?

Not much going on here.
Zane has developed a complete and total obsession for 4X4's. He sat next to his daddy tonight and watched the Speed channel as he flipped through this "4 wheel & Off-Road" magazine. He is TWO for the love of sweet baby Jesus! Geezzz!
I wanted to thank everyone for all their sweet thoughts, prayers and comments on our loss. You have all been so kind. Above are the beautiful Zenias that Lindsey picked for me out of her garden. She knew they were my grandmother's favorite. She loves me like that.

And with all the stuff going on, I forgot to mention to you that we got a new addition around our house. This is Molly. She is a Southwest Box Turtle.

Well besides that and some jeep driving (yes the hubs let me take this weekend and ride it around topless!), I did manage to do a bit more scrapbooking but I'll save that for tomorrow.
Later Ladies and Gigglefins!

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LindseYaYa said...

I still have no Internet! Boo! Loved reading the updates. Love the pics!!! Xo