Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This makes me sad...

Remember the house we stayed in after the hurricane last year until our lights came on?

My great grandmother's old house? Well it's about to be torn down.

Its so sad to me. I'm such a lover of historic things like this that it's hard to think of this house being gone.

But with some major and costly repairs needing to be made, like having it leveled again, my uncle just had to sell it. The new owner purchased it to expand his business and I don't blame him one bit...but it's still sad. We actually know the guy that bought it and my uncle and the rest of the family knew it was being purchased to tare down but none of us have the money to put into it to fix it the way it needs to be fixed. So now there is a huge controversy over the house and whether or not they should be allowed to tare it down. It's a big mess really. The local news has even done a couple stories on it. It's unfair how they are making the new owner out to be the bad guy. He is just trying to make a living and they are dragging his name through the mud. That is an even bigger shame.

At this point I don't have an opinion on the matter, I just hate to see it go and wanted to post this to keep the memory of the old home out there. I'll miss it.

Here is a picture of the room we stayed in after the storm. It's the best looking and nicest room in the whole house.

And this is a view from the stained glass window pictured above. You can see the top of the church bell tower from the stairway.

I have a feeling this will be tied up in court for a while.


Beth Perry said...

wow! that is crazy!! You know what is even stranger??? I just had a dream this morning that I bought my grandmother's house and remodeled the inside. When I woke up this morning, I wondered what in the world made me dream that. And I think this is why. I know it is strange, but this isn't the first time I have dreamt of things that are currently happening to my friends. (yes, I know ...i have e.s.p.) ahhaha
That is a beautiful house and you can't even tell that it needs lots of work.
you should try to get that stain glass window and some other neat things from the house to remember her by. you could make some amazing things from them!!
Just know I'm thinking about ya!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

oh, that really is sad!! it's a beautiful house. has it been completely stripped? if not, i'd see if you could salvage something from the home (door/doorknob/piece of flooring, something) before they tear it down.

Kelli said...

I adore old homes, I'd live in one 'cept hubby wants a garage and not street parking alas we live in a new home....

Maureen said...

wow! beautiful house! what a sad story all around :(