Thursday, July 30, 2009

Afternoon treats

My husband has made it a habit that about once a week he will come home with a McD's bag containing four hot apple pies.
We all pull up a chair to the table outside (the same table Zane is under in the picture above) and eat our apple pies.
Then we debate over how we are gonna split the remaining 4th pie. Usually Zane gets first dibs.
If it's really nice outside we will hang out and play and chat about our day while we let Molly the turtle roam the yard freely.
Oh and I take lots of many in fact that in this picture my son is trying to put his hand over my camera and is saying "that's enough momma". Naturally I thought this was hilarious and continued to take pictures! I think he is just now realizing that this is the beginning of his life and that camera ain't going nowhere!
Speaking of Molly the turtle...she had a snack too...
Who knew wild mushrooms were such a favorite of Southwest Box Turtles? I mean we did get her from the woods in North Louisiana where mushrooms are everywhere so I guess we should have know that!
See how happy she was? She devoured two whole mushrooms! That's some serious turtle cuisine!


random moments said...

I dunno if its my mood but I giggled through this whole post. At Zane peeping - which may be one of my favorite photos of yours to date - and at the whole splitting of the 4th apple pie. Its like you KNOW you can just get three, but the ritual, the lil tradition you have made makes it necessary to buy 4 so that you can do it every time. And the turtle is hilarious. I mean, are these natural mushrooms or the funny ones? And is this a wild turtle? Do u just let him loose in your yard? Does he come at command or whistle? Its just so stinking cute.

Anywho, great post! I enjoyed it. :)

One more thing - the word verification I received is PORKI. How RUDE.

Anonymous said...

This is soo sweet. The pics and the story!

LindseYaYa said...

Good news: that's the cutest (and most perfect) picture you've taken in a long time. (Zster's peeping.pic)

Bad news: it's going to be hard to take another picture that is THAT perfect... I may measure every new picture to THAT picture until a new one takes it's place.

*for almost a year I've been measuring every pic to the one of your blue shoe and hand on the back of the trailor nearly a year ago... but that one is out now. Peeping.Zanester has taken it's place.

;) and I love Molly. xo