Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Celebrating Independance Day

Holiday review! I know it's late but life is crazy sometimes you know!
I can't get these pictures in order to save my life! Blogger just sort of puts them were they want them and won't let me move them. Oh well...they are sorta in order.

We started off our day with a jeep ride to my brother's house for my niece's birthday party.
Her birthday was in March but she insisted on having a summer party because she wanted a slip and slide. So we went and I thought Zane would eventually get into it but not so.
Below is the UNbirthday girl enjoying her slip and slide!
And this is where Zane spent the better part of the party. This is a misplaced picture (thanks blogger) of us at the pool party that we went to after the birthday party.
A very merry UNbirthday to you!
Ok, another misplaced picture...this is Zane's reaction to the slip and slide...
He finally said he wanted to take a turn on the slide. So my brother took him on it. *note the clinched fists*
Now my baby niece on the other hand, she loved it!
Here is my brother with his baby girl. She is a doll. I'm so proud of my brother for turning out to be a great daddy. He is still a bit irresponsible and child like at times but he has come a LONG way and treats his girls like gold!
The next two shots are pictures of the view from the Plaquemine Locks where we went watch the fireworks.
I'm so happy my little hometown has started such a wonderful tradition and it has been so well received. It really is nice to be able to have a celebration like this without having to go 20 or 30 minutes out of town to an over crowded drunk fest to watch the fireworks.
Ok, more back tracking...before we went to the fireworks we went to hang out with our friends at their little pool party. After the slip and slide ordeal we were not sure how Zane would react to this.
Apparently fairly well.
He did enjoy the water but was in and out of the pool and spazy as usual.
He did however love his little boat!
So back to the fireworks...
We parked the jeep up on the levee and watch the fireworks from there once it got dark.
Zane was amazed. He does love watching the pretty fireworks.
After the fireworks show Zane went to grandma's house and David and I headed out to a new local hot spot for some live music. It was strange going out locally and seeing all the locals that I never see...some of which I haven't seen since grade school. But we had a great time.
And this is a better shot of my tiny bit too short dress...you can't tell from this picture but it was short. Well short for me at least.

And that's it in a nut shell. A very long winded and photo heavy nut shell!

Now you guys be sure to swing by Vintage Plum this afternoon where I will be making a guest appearance at their monthly creative cafe. Log on at 6 p.m. central to join in!


Euphoria said...

sweet photos! So wish I can make it to Creative Cafe tonight... so sad I can't! :o(

Aimee said...

Fun pictures. Glad you had a good fourth... dress looks cute to me... pilotskirt or not. (if its too short i call it a pilot skirt... you can see the cock pit).

Dirty. I know. Sorry ;)

Stephanie said...

Hey cutie pie! Looks like you had a rockin' time :)

Beth Perry said...

hHahHA I love Aimee's term for it!! ahhahaha
Love the pics baby and them being out of order just makes the story more interesting. ;P

Mandi said...

awww it's Lips! ;) I KNOW him! heheheee

LindseYaYa said...

Adorable! So glad yall had a red.white.and.blue.ish time. Macy has gotten so big and beautiful! How's that pirate.party coming? xo

Bekka said...

I would feel the same way about the slip and slide. :) Glad he still had fun in the pool!

Christina Padilla said...

loving all your fab pics.....i didn't even take photos....duh!!

loving all your jewlrey...awesome work girl!