Saturday, July 11, 2009

Good Times All Around...

So the weekend is only half way over and I am already quite happy with how it's shaping up.
Last night we meet up with some high school friends of mine that I hadn't seen since high school (yeah thats 14 years for you guys keeping track). It's amazing how quickly you can catch up with old friends on facebook. We never realized how much we had in common and now that we are married and both have kids it's sort of a no brainer that we hang out. So anyway, we met for dinner and then went to see a local comedian and had a blast. We even capped it off with a Waffle House visit. So much fun. We are already planning a New Orleans night out!
Then today we went to my inlaw's camp for a little day at the river & boiled crawfish.
Zane enjoyed his little pool on the deck and fishing with his little toy fishing pole.
And loved watching paw paw and daddy pull up crab traps.

Guess what we are having tomorrow for dinner? he he!
Oh and I have a few scrappy things to share but I'll save that for tomorrow's post perhaps.


amy lapi said...

sweet fun!

Beth Perry said...

Loving the pics, baby! Hmm..I wonder what scrappiness you have to share. wink wink
later, sweets!