Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Long lost family and stuff

This week we found out we had a long lost cousin.

This is her picture. Sadly, she died before we got to meet her. She was a beautiful woman indeed. Turns out that my great aunt (the one that lived with my great grand mother in the house the was being torn down recently), had a baby in her 20's and most of the family didn't even know about it.

This is a picture of my great grandmother with all her children. She is on the front row all the way to the left and my great aunt is the one standing next to her. They have both past away as well.
Luckily, we got to meet a descendant of the child that was given away for adoption many years ago.
This is a picture of my dad, our newly found cousin Loyd and my uncle Tommy. Loyd was such a pleasure to meet and so was so appreciative to be meeting the family he never knew.
Speaking of my great grandmother's house...it is now gone.

I took this picture as they were in the process of demolition late last week but now it's just an empty lot. Very sad about that but it is what it is. Houses have life expectancies too and I guess this one was up.
Stay tuned tomorrow for some scrap goodness and our latest scrapjacked page.


LindseYaYa said...

What a crazy and cool post! Unexpected and neat! Thanks for sharing... The pic of your daddy and uncle t is really precious. Lots of joy in those faces...

Tonia_and_boys_Inc. said...

IT'S sad. i know...to everything there is a season and all, but...
my great-grandmother's house was demolished and where most of my childhood memories were made is now a walgreens. "they paved paradise to put up a parking lot". ugh.