Friday, July 03, 2009

LOTS to share

So I've been crazy busy...Making jewelry...
Like this necklace
And these earrings
And this necklace
And these earrings
And these super cute burp clothes and baby accessory items...
*sigh* but I love that I made stuff. Stuff I've been meaning to make. Who knows, maybe I'll scrapbook later this weekend with all those SIS pictures.
Now to our New Orleans excursion...Zane and I took a little day trip with Alissa (AKA: Ms. Batts) to check out a little flea market/junk shop she found.
This was the Chinese restaurant that we stopped at for lunch.
Zane kept telling me he wanted to "go in there" and pointing to the mirror. That kinda freaked me out a little. These pictures were the best thing about that place. That's all I can really say out that. The server was horribly rude and totally set the tone for our next stop which was a thrift store. The thrift store people were so rude that we left and didn't even finish buying our items. When you are that rude to your don't deserve our money.
Then we moved on to another thrift store and our luck was shaping up. We got some great bargains and had a good time digging through all the treasures. Next we moved on to the Dairy Queen for a sweet treat.
Oh the Chocolate dipped cones. Oh the joy! I'll be loading a ton more pics on my facebook account of him totally enjoying that cone!

Great car conversation and ending the day with Dairy Queen were the highlights of the day. So needless to say it was a great trip over all. It's not the destination after all...but the journey...right? LOL!


Bekka said...

Your jewelry is gorgeous! And now I want to go to Dairy Queen. :)

Vanessa said...

ummm when am I babysitting???

Beth Perry said...

OOooooMMMMMGGGGGG!! M!! That just blow me away!! seriously. it is too beautiful and unique and amazing!! I love it baby!!!
And my little Zane!!! Is he missing his big dinn..I mean, Beth?! haha
And cute cute baby schtuff.
Sooo glad your trip ended well! Can't wait to see what you found.
And I have a little something something coming my way. heeee
Love you!

Beth Perry said...

I just came back b/c I wanted to look at the pretty things again.

staceyfike said...

can't believe i'm just seeing this! i love lov elove that bird necklace!
and your blog is all new and groovy too!!