Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Scrap love...

Oh the scrap love!

This is the July scrapjack that will be posted today over at scrapjacked. Head on over there to check out the details and see the other girls amazing work!

I am so in love with my Maya mists...I can't even begin to tell you how much. And zig zag stitching. And masking. Oh the techniques.

Can you tell I am crazy inspired by Mandi these days. Thanks Mandi!

Oh and this layout...not only did I stich my letters...but I painted them too. The letters were actually blue like the ones in the layout below but I SO wanted big bold yellow letters for my title. So I turned to my handy dandy paint pen.

Don't know why that picture is so dark but the detailed pic below is perfect.

See...more title stitching.
And finally a "precious" little set of gift cards for baby gifts or thank yous. I stamped the word on velum and sewed it to the patterned paper to give it a sofened, finished look.

All of these layouts & cards were made with the June Masters kit. I think last I checked there was one left! So if you like...and you on over there!


Vanessa said...

fabulous! love your masking!!

LindseYaYa said...

Holy cows... blast from the past! An instant reminder that I'm glad to NOT be pregnant. ;) And so far, those few sips didn't seem to hurt theDucking! *I know nothing about scrapbooking (as you know) but the stitching in the letters is really beautiful. Unpredictable. And that takes some serious control to manuever the machine like that. Good job. *And now that I'm not currently growing any bebies... we should have another martini. xo

Mandi said...

Giiiirrrrrrrrl. I love you. :)

Beth Perry said...

Awww baby!! I love all the layouts. So beautiful and you are rocking the masking!!! love them!

BRANDY said...

amazing, amazing scrappies! you've got skillz! Where has your blog always been? tally up another stalker. JK...LOL.