Sunday, July 19, 2009

Simply Amazing

Flyleaf that is. They never disappoint.
So despite the gloomy weather, Flyleaf took the stage lightning and thundering and all. It just added to the amazing show. We were so far in back in the crowd that we couldn't take any decent pictures.

The next three pictures were snagged from Flickr.
Ok, back to my pictures...see how far back we were...

This is our good friend Matt, he met us there and rocked out with us. Always good times when Matt is around.

I also played around with the night vision setting on my camera...pretty cool when you combine that with some Sepia post processing.
Oh and speaking of amazing...check out this AMAZING sunset.
It was so amazing that this photo is unedited. That is just how beautiful it was.
Now for some scrappies...for some reason I was crazy inspired to scrapbook Friday afternoon.
I made these with the last of my June Masters kit.

I am still in love with my Maya mist as you can tell. Well I have one more page on my scrap table that may or may not get finished. Only time will tell if I loose interest in it before I finish it.


Beth Perry said...

Love the concert pics and sooo loving the latest layouts. Very cool rock the vote page.
Love ya, sweets!

Meg said...

love the new layouts!!! and it looks like you hada great time!

Crystal said...

love those layouts and love flyleaf too! one of my son's fav bands!