Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday...another weekend gone

Slow weekend. But I got crafty...

Made this nautical necklace that has been dancing around in my head all week. Not sure if it is exactly what I had in mind but I think I like how it turned out.

I also made these great little, go with anything earrings...
Saturday we went to an announcement party for one of the sweetest couples we know...Micah and Rita.
How beautiful is she in this red? Stunning really.
And also got to hang out with this amazing couple that we miss!
When I say hang out I mean me and Corey talked all night about iphone apps and cover songs but to me, that's awesome conversation! LOL!
The really good thing about slow weekends is you have time to do stuff like this...
...make random snacks using squeeze cheese and colored gold fish.
They really were quite yummy.

And last but not least...a scrapbook page I did of our visit to the Steel Magnolia house.

I have a few other pages on my scrap table that I hope to get to this week...and some jewelry ideas so lets see how much creative time I get to bang out some ideas.


Beth Perry said...

Ok, so I am def one of your stalkers. I can proudly say that I have seen everyone of these pictures already! hahahah
Love ya, sweets!
Have a good MOnday!

Euphoria said...

OoOoOoOoO... I am in love with you anchor necklace!! LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

your little squeeze cheese treats are cracking me up.