Sunday, July 05, 2009

Talk about taking the pressure off...

I recently made a wonderful discovery! I normally go to the CVS store here in town to print my digital pictures. Well apparently they now print little mini albums.
I thought this would be a great idea to chronicle Zane's big moments from year to year.
So I put all the pictures I wanted to include on a memory card and got this little book printed at CVS. It documents all of his first year moments including some pic from when was preggers.
and capped it off with pictures from his first birthday.
I just love how it turned out. So clean and simple and professional looking. I always felt bad because even though I scrapbook TONS of his pictures, I worry that I may be leaving out some of the chronological moments. This wonderful little book was a great way to ensure that I have all these moments in one simple little book. It was so perfect! I think I'm going to go back and do one for each year to document the events of that year and end them with that year's birthday party pictures. Which makes me think GREAT grandma gifts for Christmas! I'm thinking yes! If you have picture guilt like me, you should check out this option for documenting your children's pictures. If you don't have a CVS in you area you can do it online. Just do it, it's easy and very inexpensive! Not much more that printing the pictures themselves!


Beth Perry said...

Girl, I love it!!! That is perfect.

Vanessa said...

so sweet! and look at your CUTE preggers belly : )