Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Bug Bit Last Night...

I got bit by the crafty bug last night! 7 necklaces and 2 pairs of earrings!
Above is one of my favs. And yes It's purple and gold!

As are these
and this one too. Can't you tell LSU football is about to start?

I made the "Mother" necklace for me with a Sapphire quartz drop for Zane's birthday...but I can easily reproduce this one.

This one was named "Strawberry Fields Forever". It sold within seconds of posting it on facebook. Like literally seconds! I could have sold two if I would have had them! I love the design of it and I will definitely be making some similar.

Hopefully I get a few more nights like last night before the end of the week! Man that felt good!
Any special requests?


Meg said...

love all of these new pieces!!! so delicious!! :) and the new pages!

Beth Perry said...

baby, I love them all!
And what is sooo weird, is my hometown's colors are purple and gold. We were the wildcats!

SERIOUSLY, I am really starting to buy into your whole 'parallel lives' thing! :P

Anonymous said...

Lovely as usual. They remind me of Anthro, but more unique. How do you post on Facebook? My friends keep asking me to put stuff up. Do you use ArtFire or the FB marketplace? Let me know if you see this comment :)