Sunday, August 09, 2009

Friday was nice...real nice

Yes nice it was. We went out to the Pennington Center grounds and enjoyed the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival.
We went last year but they didn't have many balloons because there wasn't enough wind for them to fly and we didn't get to see them glow. This year, after a stop off at the food booths, we were ready to see some glowing balloons!Did I mention I adore fair foods? Really I do.
As does Zane. He is CERTAINLY my kid...he loves nachos just as much as I do!
So on to the balloons...
The were stunning. Zane was just mazmarized by it all.
By the end of the evening we were exhaused and very hot!
Poor little guy was knocked out before we made it to the interstate on the way home! (granted that is not unusual...but still.) LOL!

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