Monday, August 03, 2009

Jewelry, Scrappies, Rainbows & Cupcakes

How's that for a happy post?
Here are my jewelry pieces I made yesterday...well some of them. I made 11 pieces and uploaded them to facebook. 6 of the have already sold! And I have some special orders! I'm thilled. The ones I have here are not sold or can be duplicated. I'll be listing them in my etsy shop soon.
Little Miss Sunshine Necklace & Earrings
Prismatic Dangle Necklace
Scarlet Rose Earrings
Triple Envy Earrings
I also finished up some scrappy pages this weekend...
And as we were entering the hospital to see my cousin Holly's new baby boy, we saw this wonderful rainbow.
Now that is all Zane can talk about...the rainbow that is. It was his very first rainbow sighting.
And finally, the cupcakes...
I call these peace, love and cupcakes! These were for our friends Marley & Jeremy who were both celebrating birthdays.
Well that's all for our weekend. Lots of down time which was nice.


Beth Perry said...

Love the cooking pages and of COURSE, the jewelry. You can't even get half of them posted on etsy b/c of FB! lol Which is awesome!
Hope you had a good Monday, my love!

Callista said...

mmmm... cupcakes!

Christina Padilla said...

those cupcakes are supah cute!!

awesome work on the earrings girl!!

Beth Perry said...

I WANT A CUPCAKE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!