Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ohhhhhh Scrap!

Sorry...couldn't think of a title.
I did manage to get my scrap on the last couple days. Above is a page I did about "the look" my son gives me now when I try to get his attention to take his picture. Annoyed much? LOL

Below are pages I did using up the last of my Masters kit...Seriously...I have one sheet of card stock left people. I created till there was nothing left to create with!

Still misting. Still sewing. Still ADORE this hobby. *le sigh* making...maybe.


Beth Perry said...

dude... you rocked out some amazing layouts. I love love the first one of Zane!!
and you look gah-geous in the other pages! So great, baby! I am soo proud of you! hahaha

Anonymous said...

Love the layouts!! I found you on the Vintage Plum boards!

Christina C. said...

these are fantastic. I love the colors. seems like a happy summer :)