Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Overdue Post...

Dang, it's Wednesday and I haven't posted my weekend review!
Better late than never I always say! Above is the beautiful sunrise I got to see as I was crossing the Mississippi river Friday morning. It really is the best thing about having to get up so early on a Friday morning.

We really just did a lot of house work, cleaning and organizing on Saturday so nothing to see there. But Sunday we made a trip to the zoo.

As usual, Zane loved it. He is getting more and more "into it" as he grows and learns.
He loved seeing the fish this go round.

And was curious about the snakes but didn't wanna get too close (which is fine by me!)

And what zoo trip would be complete without a train ride...
So yes we rode the train.
I even stole a little kiss during our ride.

Sunday afternoon the inlaws came to visit on their still fairly new motorcycle. I have pictures but belive it or not I didn't download them yet! I'll post those later I'm sure. Also got a chance to have some much needed coffee talk with a great old friend. When I say old I mean since kindergarden old. We don't do that near enough by the way.
Now for some pretties, even though I haven't been making anything in the last few days, that doesn't mean I'm not supporting other crafty folks...
These beautiful yo yo necklaces are on their way to my freakishly small neck as I type! Made by the super talented Beth Perry! She just opened up an etsy shop so go show her some love!
Speaking of etsy shops, my good friend Jill has decided to embark on a business venture of her own! She has been making jewelry for a while and has had her "Jillry" etsy shop but after getting laid off from her job a couple weeks ago, she has decided to give her jewelry business a go as her full time gig! So proud of her! Congrats Jillybean!
Ok, all for now. I hope to be playing with some jewelry myself later this week. Got some beautiful items in for my new fall "collection"! Can't wait to share!


LindseYaYa said...

Adorable necklaces!!! Love the yoyos! Too bad we missed yall at the zoo... we were there, too! Dang! Post house projects, soon, please! xo

Beth Perry said...

Hey baby!!! Oh great! You have a freakishly small neck! Well, here's too lots of extra ribbon! hahaha
Cut away if you need to.
Sometimes I like to make them long, too, so you can tie a bow around to the side like last night's pic or can tie them in the back.
Loving all your weekend pics, but you know that already...since I have seen them already b/c I am your stalker.
Will go check out Jillybean tonight!
Love you long time!

Beth Perry said...

"jillry" etsy link got an error
uh oh. lol

Michelle Sanders said...

Thanks B for the heads up on the linkage...all fixed!

random moments said...

Aww honey! I'm just getting around to my weekly blog reading and I see this sweet post. Thanks chicka dee, I appreciate the shout out!!