Sunday, August 16, 2009

sushi, drinks, downtown and scrappies

I had a pretty good weekend
We got to hang out with some friends we don't spend near enough time with.
We hung out downtown and just enjoyed.
We wend to a little martini place under the interstate. Talk about a great little swanky hole in the wall kinda place.
They had just about any kind of martini you could possibly want. I got the lemon drop martini but I'm sure most of the are fab.
See...I told you we were under the

Before we went out downtown, we met Rita & Miach at one of our favorite sushi places (Koto).
these were the yummy pork dumplings! mmmmMAMMMAnd just a few drinks. Yumm
As for the scrappies...I made this little mini for Rita to carry around and update with all her last minute wedding stuff. The page at the top of the post was crazy inspired by the wonderful Vanessa...I love her page and I'm pretty happy with how mine turned out.
Oh and since I had a killer Hob Lob expecting some pics of new creations that will be hitting my etsy shop soon!

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Beth Perry said...

Girl, I love that mini!! and that layout is so gorgeous! YOU are gorgeous!
love ya, sweets! Great pics! I can't wait to come down! I want to go to that martini place, too, please. lol