Monday, August 10, 2009

Thriftin', Rainin' Posin' & Pics!

Perhaps Alissa and I had too much fun today...perhaps.
Well we got a bit of a late start but once we got rollin'...whoa...tons of fun!

We went to the big monthly sale at our favorite vintage clothing shop (Time Warp for all you locals that are wondering) and LOADED up on great thrifted finds to add to our collections.
Then we set out for a photo shoot...vintage style! These are just few of my favorite shots of the afternoon.

That white tulle dress...oh my word! That thing was amazing! I'm so glad Alissa surprised me with that little piece of heaven! I totally LOVE traipsing around in it! Can you bring it over again so we can play another day? LOL
I have tons more pics from our photo shoot loaded on my facebook page. You can go over there and take a peek. If you are not my friend on facebook...whatcha waitin' for? Shoot me a request so we can make this friendship official!


Beth Perry said...


Shell said...

beautiful, i so need to plan a trip up to you and do some shopping, we don't have that here.

Christina Padilla said...

i love love love the photos.
i want pics like that.
so jelly.

xobellaaimox said...

those are so freaking cool. clothes + photos.