Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another weekend recap...

Man have I been busy! I've scrapped...
Made jewelry...

made reworked commission pieces with folks personal stash...
Brought Zane to a friend's birthday party (also pirate themed)
Wewwwhhhh! I have a TON of pics to share...but no time! LOL! Promise...I'll space it out this week!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weekend Nut Shell...

Fall in south Louisiana means LSU football...
And we were lucky enough to score some tickets to the game this weekend.
Since I didn't bring my camera in the stadium, all these shots are taken with my trusty 'ol iphone.
We were so happy my aunt and uncle were willing to part with their tickets, enabling us to have four seat together for us and the Oliviers to be. It's just so much more fun when you sit with some folks you know and can cut up with during the game.
And you know we had to have all my favorite game treats (similar to my fair food favs), nachos, popcorn, ice cream, etc.)
The stadium was pretty full with almost 93,000 people in attendance.
And we saw many, many this girl...riding an ice chest...with a shirt that read "Feaux Sheaux". And tons more sights that I was just not quick enough to snap with my phone.
Oh and in the picture above you can see our custom crafted tiger jewelry we created just for the game! I love being able to do that!
Sunday was pretty chill. My dear Elizabeth asked us to come out to her new house to take the grand tour, have lunch, let the kiddos play and get the hubs to assist in some swing set building. All good stuff!
Well that's my weekend in a nut shell...tailgating, LSU football, socializing, post game hooters trip, Sunday lunch with friends, etc. I now return you to this week...all ready in progress!


Just a few randoms I've snapped this past week...
A couple of morning sunrises...

Our semi homemade chicken veggie soup I made for David because he was sick...
And boy was I glad I made a BIG pot of it because the next night...I felt horrible too! So I was all to happy to have some yummy homemade soup to help! Speaking of sickies...David and I are both on the mend but last week we both felt like total poo! Then this week I learned that there is an outbreak of swine flu in my office building! WTH?! But David and I did go to the doctor and ours is just a respiratory infection. So a couple shots later and some over the counter cold meds and we are doing much better.
Oh and my MOO cards came in. If you are not familiar with MOO, you MUST get familiar with them! They are the cutest little calling cards you will ever see! I adore mine. Obviously mine are to promote my jewelry but they are just perfect for handing out your name and email address or get some printed up for gift tags or whatever. I totally plan on getting some printed for Christmas to attach to all our gifts this year! So much fun!
Stay tuned...a weekend update is up next!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The V Jack!

Ok, you may remember this page...
I was inspired by the super talented Vanessa as soon as she posted her "babies" layout to her SIS gallery. Well this month over at scrapjacked we jacked that same layout. Since my last couple of weeks have been kinda crazy maybe it's a good thing because I haven't really had a chance to scrap! So go check out her beautiful page and the work of all the other jackers! We also had the pleasure of Ms. Mandi as our guest jacker or September. So much wonderfulness going on over at scrapjacked!

Monday, September 14, 2009

He's Crafty...

We got messy today...
at his request...
he wanted to paint...
and paint he did...

He was so proud of his little lizzard. He wanted me to take a picture of it!

Yep, this is certainly MY kid. LOL

FULL weekend...

Life is good. Well work still sucks but life is still good despite that.
So Friday night we went out
With these great folks *note my sweet (and dorky) husband and friend Corey in the background. That had me cracking up!*
We saw this awesome coverband! The Molly Ringwalds!
They NEVER disappoint.
Always a rocking 80's tribute complete with all our favs!
How can you not get into a concert where they dress up in character?! *le sigh*

We really did have a great time!

Then Saturday was Zane's official 3rd birthday party!
Everyone thought I was crazy for going out the night before a big party at our house but I figured it was better to go out and enjoy ourselves than to sit at home and worry over every little detail!
The pirate themed party was a success.
Cake, cupcakes, nachos, veggies and punch!
I loved the look of the green (lime sherbet) punch in the big black bucket with the skull and cross bones cups. The little burlap bag is the little sneak peek I posted last week of the goodie bags I made. I made the burlap drawstring bags and cut out a foam stamp in the shape of the skull and stamped them on the bags. That was my favorite part of the party I think.
We had a treasure hunt
and a pirate ship cake
Zane really got into his presents this time which made me very happy! I was so worried after last week! I think it's because a lot of the guest had already left by the time we started opening gifts.
Oh and we even had a pirate ship! Ok so it was an inflatable one but Zane loved it none the less!
And as for my favorite shot of the day...

I think this is his "why is the cake gone" face! LOL!

It was a good weekend. And despite the looming rain (it rained up until 20 min before the party) we all had a great time!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Charmed, I'm sure

Ok so this horrible week is almost over.
BUT I have to say that despite the emotional and draining week, I did manage to make some cool jewelry pieces and put some of the finishing touches on Zane's birthday party. PLEASE pray the rain stays away!

As for the picture of the piece above, it's my new "charm school" necklace. I finally put my metal stamping supplies to use after having them for over a year! I love the "Tiffany" style simplicity of it. This one has my son's monogram on it and his birthstone, but I can do them with any three letters or characters and any type of other charm or drop. I have a gold on in the works...can't wait to share.

We are going out with friends tonight to have a couple drinks and listen to some music. I know...the night before the party...I'm crazy. But it's better than sitting at home stressing over all the little details. to come I'm sure!

I leave you with the thought of 9/11. Keep it in your thoughts. All day. Remember it. Reflect on it. Honor it. Never forget.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Big Day

Today was indeed a big day...
Zane's very first day of preschool. He was so excited! With his backpack and his little folder...he weas so proud!
I mean look at that excited!
He is growing up so fast!

So today was very emotional. Perhaps it started with my hour & 20 min drive to work (damn traffic), or maybe it was the fact that all I wanted when I got to work over an hour late was a cup of coffee and they were out of sugar. That combined with the fact that this short week has been hell on my schedule at work. Well it all came to a head on my way home from work. On the drive home I suddenly was overcome with emotion as the thought of my grandmother poped into my head. For no reason. With no warning. I just thought of her. I missed her. I broke down and cried the entire drive home. Had it not been pouring down raining I would have stopped at her grave and cried more. That's just like me...months after and I finally let the emotion hit me. I finally give in and let it overcome me. I was truely overwhelmed. And I have a feeling this emotion is not over yet. I hate when i get like this. So what do I do? I craft...
I worked on this...part of the pirate party. Can't give away too much but it turned out SO cute! Can't wait to share it in all it's glory!!!

Well I'm going rest my sad eyes. Tomorrow is ineed a brighter day.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Creativity...I married into it.

So today was labor day. Besides the lasting reminder that three years ago I was in labor on labor day reminds us to stop...and rest.
So naturally, we didn't listen to that thought process at all. I made jewelry. Above piece was made for and co-designed by my cousin Courtland. She is getting quite the good eye for putting
things together.

As for the hubs...
Well he was out in the yard putting the finishing touches on the arbor but installing the metal work. He also hung the pirate flag out today so Zane could take a look at before his party next weekend.
All this after a big BBQ lunch at my aunts house! Full day! So now we rest (at least for the night) before a short but hellish week ahead at work!

What makes you happy today?

For me, it's this...
Fresh Zinnias from my mom's garden. They were my grandmother's favorite so after she just before she passed my mom and I planted some. Mom's took and came in beautifully. Mine...not so much. So during a little Sunday morning visit yesterday I gathered some from her beautiful garden.

Planning my fall jewelry pieces...
Lots of nature inspiration. Can't wait to play with some of my new lovelies.
Oh and B surprised me with this pretty...
She knows my love for houndstooth and my new obsession with yellow. *swoon*

As I was posting this I realized that a year ago today we were seven days into the Gustav aftermath...still with out power and till out of work. That was such a miserable time. So glad that is behind us and so thankful we didn't not have any major storms this hurricane season.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Interstate photoshoot & friday randoms...

Finally I have some interstate photo shoot pics to share!
I love how they all turned out! We took tons more but between my horribly ugly laugh and our excessive blinking, these were the only usable shots! LOL! Boy did we have a blast. Nicole did an awesome job shotting these and doing the edits too!
The picture above is my favorite shot. Perhaps one of my favorite pictures to date.

Now some with the beautiful Ms. Batts

Ok, I offically offer custom bridal jewelry...
I did these pieces for a sweet friend of mine that is getting married this fall. Rita contacted me showed me a pricey department store necklace and I made this custom piece based on that but with fresh water pearls instead of faux pearls. I was really pleased with how nice it turned out.

And now for some Friday randomness...
My traditional Friday morning sunrise shot.

Fried pickles ...this one was for April who turned me on to them...

And crazy jeep lady hat...

My dad gave me this great thrifted safari style hat to wear in the jeep. I put it to good use this afternoon when I took the jeep to pick up the boy from daycare.