Friday, September 11, 2009

Charmed, I'm sure

Ok so this horrible week is almost over.
BUT I have to say that despite the emotional and draining week, I did manage to make some cool jewelry pieces and put some of the finishing touches on Zane's birthday party. PLEASE pray the rain stays away!

As for the picture of the piece above, it's my new "charm school" necklace. I finally put my metal stamping supplies to use after having them for over a year! I love the "Tiffany" style simplicity of it. This one has my son's monogram on it and his birthstone, but I can do them with any three letters or characters and any type of other charm or drop. I have a gold on in the works...can't wait to share.

We are going out with friends tonight to have a couple drinks and listen to some music. I know...the night before the party...I'm crazy. But it's better than sitting at home stressing over all the little details. to come I'm sure!

I leave you with the thought of 9/11. Keep it in your thoughts. All day. Remember it. Reflect on it. Honor it. Never forget.

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Beth Perry said...

It seems you get more creative when you are emotional.
Glad you have a wonderful weekend planned ahead of you! Can't wait for the drunken texts tonight and the OMG, i have eaten to much cake texts tomorrow night! lol