Monday, September 07, 2009

Creativity...I married into it.

So today was labor day. Besides the lasting reminder that three years ago I was in labor on labor day reminds us to stop...and rest.
So naturally, we didn't listen to that thought process at all. I made jewelry. Above piece was made for and co-designed by my cousin Courtland. She is getting quite the good eye for putting
things together.

As for the hubs...
Well he was out in the yard putting the finishing touches on the arbor but installing the metal work. He also hung the pirate flag out today so Zane could take a look at before his party next weekend.
All this after a big BBQ lunch at my aunts house! Full day! So now we rest (at least for the night) before a short but hellish week ahead at work!

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Beth Perry said...

David did such an amazing job! I am sooo loving those wrought iron thingys. It is so beautiful!
And gorgeous new jewelry, M!
Happy Tuesday! ;P