Monday, September 14, 2009

FULL weekend...

Life is good. Well work still sucks but life is still good despite that.
So Friday night we went out
With these great folks *note my sweet (and dorky) husband and friend Corey in the background. That had me cracking up!*
We saw this awesome coverband! The Molly Ringwalds!
They NEVER disappoint.
Always a rocking 80's tribute complete with all our favs!
How can you not get into a concert where they dress up in character?! *le sigh*

We really did have a great time!

Then Saturday was Zane's official 3rd birthday party!
Everyone thought I was crazy for going out the night before a big party at our house but I figured it was better to go out and enjoy ourselves than to sit at home and worry over every little detail!
The pirate themed party was a success.
Cake, cupcakes, nachos, veggies and punch!
I loved the look of the green (lime sherbet) punch in the big black bucket with the skull and cross bones cups. The little burlap bag is the little sneak peek I posted last week of the goodie bags I made. I made the burlap drawstring bags and cut out a foam stamp in the shape of the skull and stamped them on the bags. That was my favorite part of the party I think.
We had a treasure hunt
and a pirate ship cake
Zane really got into his presents this time which made me very happy! I was so worried after last week! I think it's because a lot of the guest had already left by the time we started opening gifts.
Oh and we even had a pirate ship! Ok so it was an inflatable one but Zane loved it none the less!
And as for my favorite shot of the day...

I think this is his "why is the cake gone" face! LOL!

It was a good weekend. And despite the looming rain (it rained up until 20 min before the party) we all had a great time!

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Beth Perry said...

hahahah OMG!!! SERIOUSLY, M!!! tHAT pic of Zane and why is the cake gone is too freaking funny! It makes me laugh everytime i see it.
I had to show it to Austin, too. He got a kick out of it!
love you!