Tuesday, September 01, 2009

This baby...

Is no longer a baby.
He came into this world three years ago today. So tiny. So alert. So full of potential.

Even at his first birthday you could see some of that little personality coming out...

And now he is growing by leaps and bounds!
Tons of personality (and many moods)!
This boy is our heart. Our joy.
So we celebrated his 3rd birthday with some extended family, cake & ice cream.
To our complete shock, he was just not into his cake.
Well not at first at least. Once we brought it in the kitchen to cut it and plate it up he warmed up to it and "helped" us cut it (with his plastic fork).
He wasn't even that into opening presents. We basically had to open them for him! I say it was stage fright.
What you can't see in these pictures was the room full of family watching him! LOL
Hopefully he is more into the cake and presents thing for his party!


Beth Perry said...

awwww I love those killa layouts!! He had the cutest, plumest lips EVEN BACK THEN! AWWWW!!!!

LindseYaYa said...

I remember your bebe.fever.
I remember your pregnancy.
I remember your pregnant feet.
I remember all the anticipation.
I remember his birthday... how tiny he was and how big his features were...
I remember holding him.


When you post about him driving, you'll need to supply me with mixers and elixirs. Just sayin...