Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weekend Nut Shell...

Fall in south Louisiana means LSU football...
And we were lucky enough to score some tickets to the game this weekend.
Since I didn't bring my camera in the stadium, all these shots are taken with my trusty 'ol iphone.
We were so happy my aunt and uncle were willing to part with their tickets, enabling us to have four seat together for us and the Oliviers to be. It's just so much more fun when you sit with some folks you know and can cut up with during the game.
And you know we had to have all my favorite game treats (similar to my fair food favs), nachos, popcorn, ice cream, etc.)
The stadium was pretty full with almost 93,000 people in attendance.
And we saw many, many sights...like this girl...riding an ice chest...with a shirt that read "Feaux Sheaux". And tons more sights that I was just not quick enough to snap with my phone.
Oh and in the picture above you can see our custom crafted tiger jewelry we created just for the game! I love being able to do that!
Sunday was pretty chill. My dear Elizabeth asked us to come out to her new house to take the grand tour, have lunch, let the kiddos play and get the hubs to assist in some swing set building. All good stuff!
Well that's my weekend in a nut shell...tailgating, LSU football, socializing, post game hooters trip, Sunday lunch with friends, etc. I now return you to this week...all ready in progress!

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