Monday, September 07, 2009

What makes you happy today?

For me, it's this...
Fresh Zinnias from my mom's garden. They were my grandmother's favorite so after she just before she passed my mom and I planted some. Mom's took and came in beautifully. Mine...not so much. So during a little Sunday morning visit yesterday I gathered some from her beautiful garden.

Planning my fall jewelry pieces...
Lots of nature inspiration. Can't wait to play with some of my new lovelies.
Oh and B surprised me with this pretty...
She knows my love for houndstooth and my new obsession with yellow. *swoon*

As I was posting this I realized that a year ago today we were seven days into the Gustav aftermath...still with out power and till out of work. That was such a miserable time. So glad that is behind us and so thankful we didn't not have any major storms this hurricane season.


Patty said...

Those Zinnias are gorgeous!! And I love all the pieces you will be using in your fall pieces. Cant wait to see:)

Beth Perry said...

hi baby!!! I am finally back to the internet world!! lol
Those flowers are so pretty. They make me smile!
and that jewelry looks like fun! Can't wait to see what you make!
Love you! :D