Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Crazy FUN weekend!

So Friday night we went to the Acadian Festival in my hometown. Although it has changed quite a bit since I used to come to it as a child, Zane thought it was magical.
He was all too thrilled to get to go see the sights and ride the rides

So we gladly bought our tickets and headed to the rides. We were cautious because we know how our child can be. So we didn't by the big value pack of tickets. We just bought enough for a two rides. Just to see what his reaction was.
Well he loved it. Didn't wanna get off!
We ended up having to go back and buy more tickets!
He could have rode and rode and rode!
He even got a corndog and enjoyed it in true festival spirit. Granted he made his father eat all the coating off so all he had was a plain 'ol wienner on a stick but whatever.
Then he insisted on riding the "snake train" as he refered to it.
It was a little dragon roller coaster and thought he would be scared to death when it got going! Although he wanted to go alone, we didn't think he would be too happy once it got going. So we spotted his big cousin Mya and she agreed to ride it with him and coach him on how to properly ride such a big boy ride.
Dispite his unimpressed look here, he loved it. I promise. It's all he could talk about. He wanted to ride it more but it was getting late and cold.
So on our walk out we desided to let him try his hand at one of the carnival games. The old 'ol pick a duck game. When he picked his three ducks the carnival guy pointed at the row of prizes he could pick from. But he wanted a spiderman (the next level of prizes). I tried to explain to him that he could not get the spiderman and that the dinosaur looked just as cool but no....he insisted, he wanted the spiderman. So...being the nice carnie he was, the guy working the booth kindly reach for the spiderman.
He was one happy child after that. Who said carnies aren't nice? He was so pleased with his spider man that he slept with him in his bed that night and every night this weekend actually!

Then Sunday was the parade.
It started off in grand style with the traditional ROTC marching with flags...

Had a number of wonderful Mardi Gras style floats that dished out tons of beads and candy...
The traditional apperance of the Evangaline (the queen of the fair)...
Zane had a blast picking up candy and beads and cups and toys and even a football was given to him by a cute little girl on one of the floats...
He had to stop every 45 seconds to ask us to open another piece of candy for him...
*NOTE the spiderman in the wagon behind him. Total obsession I tell you*
All in all he loved it but was disappointed in how short it was.
Guess parades aren't what they used to be either.
Then we scooped him up and brought him to boo at the zoo for some trick or treating.
While there he got to meet "Monti" the Python. Pretty funny huh? Although he doesn't look very impressed, you don't understand my child. He doesn't like for us to see his excitement. He was quite intrequed by the snake. And I knew this so I kept snapping pictures until he broke.
And then I caught the moment on film...
Look closely...he is looking at me out of the corner of his eye and slowly reaching to touch the snake with his right hand. Sneeky huh? This is how he works. He ended up petting it but it took him a while to warm up to admitting to himself that he wanted to interact with it. Typical Zane.
He really did make a cute little dinosaur...
from the spikey points on his head to the tip of his green boots!
And finally...the big smile as he reviewed his candy he had gathered & put a sucker in his mouth!
So now that you have the run down on how my child works, you would think he would be freaked out by a dark haunted house (granted it was a kiddy one but still...it was dark)
I really didn't think he would even walk in. But he did and loved it so much that we had to go back through it a second time! He even wanted to feed the bat lights candy! Go figure.
Just another example of how different my sweet little boy is. He tests our patients A LOT...but then he amazes us. How can you not fall in love with him over and over again?!


Elizabeth said...

Ah, how can you not love Zane. He's his own special somebody....with no reservation...and why shouldn't he be with two amazing parents....I love happy family time, and I can't wait for trick or treating ...hopefully I'll be up for it.....I miss you like crazy and hopefully we'll get to do lunch tomorrow!!! XOXO

Beth Perry said...

AWWWW I love the pics and the stories!! That is funny that he wanted to feed the bat lights candy! And awesome that the carnie gave him Spiderman. He really does love that thing, doesn't he? lol
Glad you had a good weekend, sweetie!