Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall Field Tripin'

Ahhh yes, the fall field trip.
Now that Zane is in preschool, we can look forward to fun stuf like field trips. And what good is fall if you can't get out and explore it? So Zane's class went on a field trip yesterday.

First stop was the bank were they sang songs, showed of their costumes and took pictures in front of the haunted house.
Well this is what Zane did while the other kids did all that. He just wanted to sit back and watch it all...which is totally his nature. I've learned to embrace it.

After all the kids were finished I snapped this picture of him just before we left.

Then it was off the fire station where he loosened up a little bit more.
He was SO into the big fire trucks and climbed in and out of this one three times.

And dispite his unimpressed face in the pictures, he loved that fire pup. He couldn't wait to tell his daddy all about the big fire trucks with the big ladders that went up and down and the fire pup...and on and on!
From there we went to a pumpkin patch that was set up at a local nursery.
He was thrilled to get to pick out his very own pumpkin.

He checked it out carefully.

And I even got him to pause for a quick (fake) smile with his teacher....who by the way taught me school in 6th grade!
So that was that. Now the little guy is under the weather and fighting asthma as he normally does when the weather changes. He is learning to handle it like a champ though. If you couldn't see the signs youself (coughing and wheezing) you would never know he wasn't feeling well.
Now we start the weekend. Looks like a somewhat less busy one than last but that is subject to change at the drop of a hat around here!

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