Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Whole lotta jewelry goin' on...

This weekend was pretty uneventful and drab. I did manage to get some jewelry done though.
The picture above is a custom bracelet I did and port of a new line i'm calling "reMINDers". They are meant to remind you of things you need in your life. Sort of like inspirational little pieces of jewelry. My friend that requested this one calls it her "mental health bracelet"! LOL! I put the words she wanted on the charms and added a vintage date wheel from an old watch to remind her to slow down. I think I may have to make me one of these!

Here are a few more pretties from my fall collection...

And one more of my reMINDer pieces...

Well we did have one sort of eventful thing in our house this weekend...we got a new pet. Meet Zoe the hampster.
Zane calls her his animal. He also refers to her as the black mouse. Gotta love that. Right? I'm sure he went to daycare Monday morning telling everyone he had a black mouse at his house.


Beth Perry said...

hahah black mouse! lol
Love Zoe and DEF LOVE all your new jewelry collections!!
Love my new pendant! Thanks for that surprise. Now, I gotta get it on a chain and I should be able to wear it to the wineries this weekend.
Give ya call after work today, my love!

Patty said...

I am loving all of the new jewelry that you keep putting out. Oh so nice, I may have to buy some more:)